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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sexy Girls With Gemini Tattoo Design On The Body Gallery Picture

In this post I show zodiac tattoo designs, especially gemini tattoo designs for women who love the tattoo. There gemini design tattoo pictures in place on the back of the neck, gemini design tattoo on the upper body back, gemini tattoo on the side body and there are also pictures gemini tattoo designs in place on the lower back body. But all of these designs can also be in place in the legs, arms or other body parts in accordance with the tastes and gemini designs tattoo drawings.

Sexy Girls With Gemini Tattoo Design On The Upper Back Body

Sexy Girls With Gemini Tattoo Design On The Back Body

Sexy Girls With Gemini Tattoo Design On The Side Back Body

Sexy Girls With Gemini Tattoo Design On The Back Neck

Sexy Girls With Gemini Tattoo Design On The Right Upper Back Body

Sexy Girls With Gemini Tribal Tattoo Design On The Lower Back Body

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Caring For A New Tattoo

Caring For A New Tattoo

One of the most important things to remember when you decide to go for a tattoo is that you must choose an experienced and reputed tattoo artist. Though there are many designs to choose from at the tattoo studio, you can always ask for a custom-made design, exclusively for you. Which ever you choose, always remember that this design will remain embedded in your skin permanently, for life. While the design is important, taking care of it is just as important.

During the process of tattoo creation, an experienced artist will go on adding antiseptic ointments as this will keep your new tattoo design in a safe and healthy condition. Once through, the creator will wipe, clean and apply another coat of antiseptic lotion. Then he will wrap the tattoo with a soft tissue or thin cellophane to prevent any infection from attacking the new tattoo.

Advice on how to take car of a tattoo usually comes from a reputed tattoo artist. He would also give you a sheet which contains all the information you need for taking proper care of the new addition in your body. In case this does not come from the tattoo creator, you might be left in a quandary as to how to go about maintaining your new acquisition in a healthy condition. Taking care of a tattoo is not that difficult provided you know the various do’s and don’ts.

Avoid going for a shower as soon as you get home with your new tattoo. Not only should you keep your new tattoo dry for a few days but also clean it every few hours according to the advice given to you. Make sure that your hands are really clean before you touch your tattoo for cleaning purposes. Cleanliness of your hand will ensure that you are not attacked by any infection. When cleaning the tattooed area, do not use any scented soap. Go for a very mild antiseptic soap and don’t use the soap directly on the area. Use warm soapy water and PAT dry with a clean towel.

Use a tube of antiseptic ointment to soothe and heal your tattoo. These are easily available at your local drugstore. Use this ointment for a few days to keep the tattoo free from infection as well as keep it slightly moist. When applying a new coat, wipe off the old and dried ointment very gently, without using any force, or you might damage the healing process.

You can stop using the antiseptic ointment after a few days. This ointment really keeps your tattoo healthy and free from any infection. Next, use a body lotion which does not have any perfume added to it, as this will irritate the tender new skin which has formed on your tattoo.

The unscented body lotion only needs to be used for a few days after which you could stop using it. Normally after 5-6 days the peeling process will begin and the tattooed area may become itchy. Be very careful not to pick or scratch and if your tattoo is really itchy, apply a little antiseptic ointment.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Female Tattoos For Back Body Tattoo Design Gallery Picture

This time a picture gallery showing female tattoo design on the back body. There are japanese tattoo design, tattoo of red roses, fairy tattoo, star tattoo and butterfly design. There is the tattoo on the full back body, upper body and lower back body back. But this tattoo designs can also be in place in other places, such as butterfly tattoo on the upper back body could also be to design the front lower body or foot tattoo.

Female Tattoo With Japanese Koi Tattoo Design On The Back Body

Female Tattoo Design With Japanese Tattoo On The Back Body

Female Tattoo with Fairy Tattoo And Butterfly Tattoo Design On The Upper Back

Female Tattoo With Design Butterfly Tattoo On The Upper Back

Great Design Upper Back Tattoo For Female Tattoo

men tattoo designs

men tattoo designs