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Friday, January 18, 2013

cool odd rex ryan's tattoo 2013

Ryan made headlines at the opening of training camp in 2011 when he showed up with an elaborate tattoo on his right calf that he had done while on vacation in Hawaii. He said it was not his first tattoo, but it probably preceded the Sanchez tattoo.

Here's a look at Rex Ryan's odd tattoo.
Ryan posted a six-second video on the Jets’ Facebook page to explain the meaning of the 2011 tattoo. “My new tat means, believe in yourself, which I got no problem doing,” Ryan said.

Ryan took off for the Bahamas on Wednesday and has yet to comment since GM Mike Tannenbaum — who, along with Johnson, hired him — was fired on Monday. The Jets are expected to begin interviews for a new GM on Friday. Ryan and Johnson will hold their postseason news conference on Tuesday.

The tattoo does make sense in one regard. In expressing last week that the Jets are the only team he wants to coach, Ryan said, “Let’s face it. I wear Jets stuff every single day, every day.”

Clearly, he was not kidding.

It’s hard to tell by the picture what book Ryan is reading. I should be insulted he’s not reading my book, “Coaching Confidential,” considering the last chapter is titled, “The Joy Of Rex.” But Ryan told me in his office in November that he had already read an advance copy.

I wish I knew about the tattoo when I wrote the book. It could have been a chapter by itself: Coach’s wife dressed only in quarterback’s jersey in a tattoo on the coach’s right arm.

Monday, November 14, 2011

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