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Friday, October 7, 2011

ronnies cross tattoo jersey shore

Sure, Jersey Shore's entertaining -- but did you know it's also highly

The shades, the cross, the tattoo, this guys is the quintessential Jersey

(Jersey Shore guy Ronnie showing the large cross tattoo on his back.)

(Jersey Shore - The Jersey Shore Cast Shows Off Their Tattoos - Gallery)

Cross Where: Back left shoulder. Meaning: It's a Catholic thing.

Ronnie-Jersey Shore-Tattoo. The second season of Jersey Shore is already off

Jersey Shore Wardrobe Tips

Pauly D DJ Tattoo Jersey Shore's DJ Pauly D is following in the footsteps of

jersey cross tattoos. Jersey Shore's

Ronnie Magro from Jersey Shore spent some time under the (tattoo) gun

The shades, the cross, the tattoo, this guys is the quintessential Jersey


a sweet and tropical drink sure to quench the shore ladies' thirst,

Did you see Ronnie Magro of Jersey Shore fame at Mare Saturday night?

Ronnie Magro knocked out cold featured in an episode of Jersey Shore,

While filming season 3, Jersey Shore's Ronnie Ortiz-Magro was taken into

on Twitter but knows me really well he said “have you seen jersey shore?

Ronnie Magro Ronnie and Sammi of "The Jersey Shore" were spotted out today

Yes, although summer at Jersey Shore has turned to winter, Ronnie and Sammi

the face of Mary and Jesus as well as a tombstone around the cross.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

soba tattoo

handmade tattoo machine liner · Click To Enlarge Image!

Thomas A. Edison made some modifications on the tattoo machine.

tattoo machines : SOBA Matte Nickel Plated Clipper Liner

I'll start with Pulse Tattoo Machines' description from their website for

THE TATTOOED MEN of OLD JAPAN by Okinawa Soba. two tattooed men posing

SOBA Custom Tattoo Machines. 51 photos

tattoo machines : SOBA One-Off Aluminum Liner

Robert Ryan, Soba and Mike Ness (singer of social distortion)

The current Workhorse builder lineup is Soba, Aaron Cain, Seth Ciferri,

The FAIL Blog. Warning! some NSFW.

This is for reader Gwyneth, who requested more pictures of the Great Soba:

Robert Ryan, Soba and Mike Ness (singer of social distortion)

tattoo people (Group)

tattoo machines : SOBA One Off Shader

hardware : Soba Pilot Machine Frame Downtown Tattoo is conveniently located

tattoo collections

this tattoo machine(2007) is built by Aaron Cain ( www.aaroncain.com )

Tattoo by Mike DeVries 3. Style: By now you should have noticed that certain

mac soba (189) inthemakeup.wordpress.com (view original image)

Okinawa Soba's photostream (3174) · THE JAPANESE TATTOO -- Art & Artifice in